theIITian of the Year
Giant Killer Arvind Kejriwal (IITKgp89)

Kejriwal defeats Sheila Dikshit by a massive 25 thousand plus votes.
He is our IITian of the Year – in pictures.

  • Kejriwal takes down a giant.

Do you like it?


  1. romesh kumar AggarwalApril 18, 2014 at 5:22 pmReply

    Kejriwal is a fool. If he wanted to improve the parliament functions in India, he should not have taken the challenge to fight at Varanasi. A clever man plans for next five years not 2 months. His win in Delhi was good. He should have stayed in the seat.

    Do we need an impulsive proud IITIAN as our PM. Sorry the answer is NO. Is Mr Gunjan Bagla reading this.

  2. romesh kumar AggarwalApril 18, 2014 at 5:32 pmReply

    A student’s responsibility extends beyond the school walls.
    Students are representatives of the schools they attend. Therefore, a student’s responsibility follows the student in many different contexts.

    Students’ duties include both academic and behavioral performance. They are responsible for their academic progress and their own behavior in class, on school grounds or even at home.

    Ans what do the IITians do? BRAG BRAG BRAG
    This what the PANIIT has given to the next generation of engineers. They think of Google, Microsoft, Doolittle. Piza huts, …… If all the out put of 16 IITs were to enter these companies, you will be told that we do not want Indians working with our engineers in the same Bureau or it will spoil the quality of our engineers.

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