Chetan Bhagat (IITD95)
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Every once in a while, a person comes along that blazes such a trail in hitherto unexplored territory, that a trend is created. People like Arundhati Roy did it for the Indian literary scene.

Chetan Bhagat (IITD95) has done it for the multitudes graduating from the IITs and the IIMs of the country. Untapped before him as a potential source of creative and literary production, this group has flourished in his wake, with multiple authors and other creative sorts suddenly ballooning from within the ranks. Chetan Bhagat, many say, not only made it possible for an IIT or MBA graduate to think about writing a novel or two, he also made it fashionable!

In a time when many Indian novelists were writing increasingly sophisticated and prolix prose in order to appeal to an international market, Bhagat’s easy-going voice and common idioms make him widely accessible. His accomplishments, IIT and IIM graduate, which are the stuff of dreams for millions make him a novelist to aspire to; his protagonists, with their problems of love and of college, make him a man in touch with the travails of the young Indian.

A novelist, an essayist, and a columnist: this is an IITian that has gone far off the beaten track. And for that, we make him our IITian of the Week!



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