The official online magazine of The PanIIT Alumni Association

The ‘theIITian” is a free online magazine and website for the official PanIIT alumni Association. The magazine is self-reliant and the Association does not provide any finances for it. However, we must thank alumni volunteers who have given their time and expertise and made this happen.

The magazine, platform, and its business operations are governed by a four member Governing Body (including two nominees of the PIAI).

The magazine is not a mouthpiece for the Institutes or the Government. This editorial independence allows comments on controversial issues whether they concern education or alumni. Alumni are encouraged to comment though some moderation is required to create a balanced and decent environment.

Our editorial motto is Readers First, and Quality. We research, report and edit based on what the IIT Alumni would like to invest their time in. Our challenge is that we address over 200,000 alumni, from fresh grads to Senior Citizens from fifteen Institutes with 30% residing outside India. Yet we must offer content that’s engaging in a manner that connects with them and their lifestyles. That’s precisely what we IITians are good at – problem solving when it’s complex. We do it for the joy of doing it.

The Register for emails button allows you to receive updates of all major stories in the mail (approximately one a fortnight). It will also allow for segmented content at a later stage.

We hope you’ll enjoy experiencing this as much as we’re enjoying this creative experience.

Sunil Agarwal, Editor, IITD79 (email:

Himangshu Vaish (IITD76), Chairman, PanIIT Alumni Association (email:
Arvind Gupta, nominee PIAI
Yogesh Andlay (IITD79), former President IITD Alumni Association (email:
Sunil Agarwal (IITD79), Editor (email:

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