Tech in Politics: IITians heading campaigns for their parties

Arvind Gupta (IITBHU92), the head of BJP’s IT Cell, is one of the more prominent IITians in this phase of the Delhi elections. A PhD holder in Data Analysis, Gupta says, “We (BJP) have been engaged in social media for the last three to four years. It’s been a consistent effort. I think only in the early part of this year, people started realizing that this could be one of the accelerators.”

Jairam Ramesh (IITB75), our most successful politician and current Rural Development Minister, is exceedingly tech-savvy. He has been made the head of the Congress poll team for 2014. A strong believer in social media, he is responsible for the logistics of the forthcoming elections for Congress.

Arvind Kejriwal (IITKgp89): Not only does he have personal social media accounts that he regularly updates to connect to his lakhs of followers, he has also used the internet to usher in a new era of transparency in Indian political funding.

These three IITians, using social media and internet technologies, will see their tech strategies and hard work come to head on the 4th of December for the Delhi Assembly.

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