Ashok Khemka

may soon be charge-sheeted 10 times

Update 3(22/10): “I have reliably heard that 10 chargesheets will be filed against me on frivolous grounds along with 10 private complaints,” Mr Khemka, who is currently posted in Chandigarh as the Director General of Archives, told NDTV on Friday night.

However, the whistle-blower’s alert has driven the CBI to investigate an alleged scam in HDSC, where Mr Khemka served as Managing Director from late last year to April. He has alleged that other government officers colluded to sell over-priced seeds to the government firm, resulting in a loss of nearly five crores.

“Obviously, my report has impacted interests of powerful people. And now they will try and get back at me. This is a gross abuse of power,” Mr Khemka said.

Source: NDTV

UPDATE 2(18/10): Haryana government seeks to hold Khemka accountable for low sales of seeds during his time as Managing Director of the Haryana Seed Development Corporation. This will be the second charge-sheet filed by the Hooda government against Khemka, since his cancellation of the Vadra-DLF land deal last year.
Two interesting facts:

1) Khemka was MD for only five months, and was shifted on the 4th of April. [1]

2) HSDC had explicitly stated on the 4th of April to an inquiry by the Haryana Agricultural Minister that sales in the year 2012-13 had been over 15% higher than in the previous year. [2]

Having been transferred over 40 times in his career, Khemka has long been a thorn in the side of whichever government is in power. However, this kind of blow-back for his actions is a first, and represents a new kind of tension that seems to be developing between state-governments and their ISS officers.

UPDATE: Khemka to be charge-sheeted by the Haryana government for for overstepping jurisdiction in canceling the mutation of the land sold by Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra. Additionally, he is to be held liable for his public criticisms of state. His criticisms about the deal have been refuted by the revenue department and the Town and Country planning department, a department directly involved in the allegedly illegal move.

However, the absence of any action by DLF and Robert Vadra despite their position being somewhat vindicated by the state government’s actions against Khemka seems to be a strange one. Could they be that they do not want to draw further public attention to the deal? Or are they just waiting for a more opportune time?

The magazine will keep track of the dust stirred up by this fascinating IITian.

The ghost of Robert Vadra’s land deals in a village in Haryana continue to haunt the top-brass of the Congress party as IAS officer Ashok Khemka claims that Vadra, in conjunction with Haryana’s Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP), had executed a series of “sham transactions” for 3.53 acres of land in Shikohpur village of Gurgaon.

In a substantial reply to the three-member committee set up by the Haryana government to looking into the Vadra-DLF deal, Khemka alleges the culpability of DTCP in the scam, and claims that it ignored its own rules and allowed “crony capitalists operating as middlemen to flourish and appropriate market premium of a license.”

Khemka, who submitted his reply on May 21, on finding out that his reply had gone public, said, “I will not speak to the media on this issue.” In opposition, the Haryana Chief Secretary P K Chaudhary has replied that “We are examining the reply [by Khemka]”.

Calling it a “loot of public wealth,” Khemka estimates that due to these illegal dealings, Vadra could have accrued wealth up to Rs. 3.5 lakh crore.

In the run-up to the 2014 general elections, this may the last straw for an already rattled UPA government, suffering under persistent economic woes and general dissatisfaction with their policies. As earlier wrote: Khemka has suffered over 40 transfers due to his integrity: will this lead to another one?

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    What are we doing for saving our esteemed alumni from such unlawful conducts? Is the objective of this magazine only information sharing?

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