Japan to provide Rs. 2000 crore
to IITian led IIT Hyderabad

Uday Desai (IITK74), the director of IIT Hyderabad, will soon see his institute receive Rs. 1,129 cr for the second phase of campus development, while Rs. 829 crore is allocated towards the Tamil Nadu Investment Promotion Programme. These loans will be provided by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), which had initiated a program to strengthen ties with India.

In general, this is the latest in a long string of Japanese collaboration with the IITs, which includes the setting-up of various R&D units by companies such as Nissan and AMADA in IIT Madras’ research parks.

Japan loans

According to the JICA, this programme is aimed at strengthening partnership between India and Japan through enhancing academic and research collaboration between India and various human resources consisting of the IIT-H consortium of Japan coordinated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

For more detail on JICA and IITH collaboration, visit the JICA site at [Link].



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