IIT Delhi’s constituency now led
by an IITian: Somnath Bharti

Update (10/12/13): With Somnath Bharti’s victory in Malviya Nagar in the Delhi elections, the IIT Delhi’s constituency is now led by an IITian.

Mr. Bharti, having graduated from IIT Delhi with an M.Sc degree, enjoyed great support in the college, to the point where hundreds of students actively campaigned for him and the party he belonged to – the Aam Aadmi Party.

The effort these students have expended upon campaigning for both AAP and Somnath Bharti has been profiled earlier by theIITian.com.

The Aam Aadmi Party has fired up the imagination of an entire generation. It many ways their Delhi campaign has been a watershed moment for student politics, especially at the IITs. Nearly 500 IIT Delhi students have taken to the road, taking on active roles in promoting the party in various constituencies and through numbers platforms ranging from personal one-to-ones, to social media broadcasting.

“We go in groups to various constituencies and meet people personally. Each volunteer talks to a family and informs them about the plans of AAP. We also listen to their problems and make a note of it, which we later on give to our AAP candidate in that constituency so that solutions can be found,” said Anil Kori, an IIT Delhi graduate who manages the party’s volunteers from his alma mater.

To understand how profound the belief is in AAP’s aims and capaility to carry them out, one has to meet students such as Sachidanand Kumar, B.Tech fourth year student from IITD who had contracted polio at eight months of age. He goes out in his wheelchair to campaign for AAP in the Malyiva Nagar constituency. “My motivation to do something is bigger than my physical handicap.” said Kumar.

By getting direct funding from their seniors, these IITD volunteers are essentially funding their campaigning on their own, without recourse to party funds.

The efforts have been well-noted: in recent days, both India Today as well as a number of national newspapers have carried their story.

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  1. Rohit SomaniNovember 28, 2013 at 11:27 amReply

    Dear All,
    You have done a commendable job. Please continue with your good work. Clean Delhi and then the rest of the Nation. We are with you.

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