Imposter cons IIT by promising donation

IIT Kharagpur officially felicitated a serial conman at their foundation day celebrations last month. Claiming to be an IIT Alumnus and a Director at Deutsche bank, the man, Vijay Kumar, made grand promises of a donation north of Rs. 1 cr and had his pictures taken with many top officials at the IIT. Once news of the day got out onto the net, warnings about this man’s previous cons came in from IITians and other online commentators. Subsequently, the IIT registered an FIR and put up a notice warning other IITs and IITians about the fraudster.

The man has a history of targeting IIT. In 2010, he had posed as a Microsoft Vice President and IIT alumnus and cheated several aspirants by promising them admissions at the institute. He was arrested in New Delhi in 2010.

The reaction in IITKgp communities is primarily disbelief:

Sunil Kapoor: “How come his credentials were not verified credibly before ‘hosting’ him? This is a very serious lapse. Shocking!!!”

  • Vijay Kumar cuts and pastes his way to Dubai.


Source: The Statesman

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  1. Amitava GhoseSeptember 19, 2014 at 12:28 amReply

    Shocking it putting it Mildly in the todays age of technology and that too in an IIT?

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