IITs rope in retired professors to plug 37% faculty shortage

The IITs have begun hiring retired professors from all across the world in order to solve the severe faculty shortages facing the institute.

According to MHRD, the IITs currently have an average 37% faculty shortfall, with the new IITs performing much worse than the established ones. However, with a desired ratio of 10:1 of students to faculty, even the old IITs don’t fare well.

IIT Kanpur has a teacher-student ratio of around 17:1, and most of its dozen or so visiting faulty are retired. The institute has recently begun to conduct interviews via video conferencing in order to broaden the pool of potential teachers.

IIT Bhubaneswar has about 75 permanent faculty for its 900 students, and is offering 30% more in salary than the old IITs. According to IIT BBS director, Sujit Roy, there is a dearth of talent at the “professor and associate professor-levels.”

IIT Guwahati has a faculty gap of 149 teachers, while IIT Jodhpur needs 76% more teachers than what it currently has! According to Jodhpur officials, even the retired professors are lured away by higher paying offers from foreign institutes, exacerbating the issues.
Retired professors form about 15% of the total faculty at IIT Gandhinagar, another institute having enormous difficulty in attracting talent.

With 5 new IITs to soon be built by the Modi government, how much worse do you think this situation will get?

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  1. Scientist At GOINovember 8, 2014 at 7:34 am

    These will lead top cream student also rely for study to abroad, as the system already have not leave any choice other than IITians to look for abroad. They will go abroad invent the new things and then abroad company will settle their production unit in India and this way dream of Make In India will be survived. Believe me this way engineers left in India who work in this production unit do not have any point of innovation as its counter part is developed at abroad with cream Indian Top most engineers reside at the respective counties.