IITains: 2nd largest group of profs in top US Comp Sci departments

(Pictured Above: IITian and MIT PhD candidate Pranav Mistry, with his ground breaking wearable tech.)


5 IITs (Bombay, Delhi, Kharagpur, Madras and Kanpur) together account for 122 Comp. Sci faculty members in top 50 US universities, second only behind MIT’s contribution of 127 and far ahead of colleges like Stanford, Yale and Harvard.

Taken separately, Madras and Kanpur are the 5th largest and 9th largest contributors to the pool of professors, ahead of Bombay’s 12th, Delhi’s 18th and Kharagpur’s 26th position.

While all professors studied initially at IIT, none of them received a doctorate from within India.

This highlights the enormous loss that India suffers from due to persistent issues in the educational sector. What is US’s boon, is India’s tragedy.

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