IITians in Succession
New Wave of RBI governors

On the face of it, an engineering education doesn’t seem to correlate to any innate expertise with economic decision making. And yet, an IIT graduate will soon be succeeding another in the top monetary post in the country.

With D. Subbarao ( B.Sc. IITKgp69, M.Sc. IITK)  and Raghuram Rajan (IITD85) being exemplar students at the IITs during their time, it is interesting to contemplate the interconnectedness between the kind of intellectual grounding the IITs provide, and any future endeavor an IITian may embark upon after obtaining that foundation.

After September 4th, when Mr. Rajan assumes the post of RBI governor, we will be able to state that two IITians in succession have led the RBI.

And that heralds interesting thing for the future.

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