IITB graduates create cheap,
non-invasive medical tests for villagers

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Graduates from IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi have developed a urine analysis system able to cheaply diagnose a range of conditions such as diabetes, urinary tract infection and hepatitis. The impetus for this system came from their medical posting in the village of Parol, in Maharashtra.

The two IIT Bombay graduates, Dr. Abhishek Sen and Dr. Yogesh Patil, hold a degree in biomedical engineering and an MBA respectively. Their venture, Biosense Technologies, essentially attempts to create non-invasive and cost-effective means for diagnosing common ailments.

Currently, they have two primary solutions: the first is uCheck, a smartphone app that utilizes a urine stick to provide a cheap and quick automated urine analysis. Through this innovative automated procedure, they have brought down the upfront cost for laboratories and individuals substantially. This reduction in cost is liable to increase coverage, providing a lot more opportunities for people to get correctly diagnosed and treated.

Their second device, TouchHB, is a non-invasive way to measure hemoglobin count and check for anemia. This device is currently in per-release phase and available in India. With the creation of this device, the graduates have essentially solved the initial problem that had set them upon this path: the problem of undiagnosed and untreated anemia in the villagers at Parol.

Their amalgamation of ingenious, low-cost tech with medical know-how is proving to be an exceedingly fruitful one.

To find out more: [Biosense Technologies]

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  1. MalliswarJanuary 9, 2014 at 5:02 pmReply

    Can anybody tell or send some reference how a pulse rate is related to anemia. This device is using a pulse oximetry sensor and I would like to know how this will reveal anemia

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