IITM scientists developing stem cells for heart and liver

A team of scientists at IIT Madras are developing stem cells to grow into cardiac cells, which can eventually lead to treatment of severe heart problems. Funded by the department of Biotechnology, the scientists are hopeful that through the surgical administration of these cells into the heart, they can slow or reverse the rate of cell death.

“Stem cell therapy holds a lot of promise in the field of medical science,” says Rama S Verma, a Professor in the department of biotechnology, IITM. “Besides opening new avenues, this may also help in preventing an organ transplant,” he added. This is primarily because stem cells provide a less surgically invasive cure for many of the problems transplants are supposed to address.

Aside from the heart, the scientists are also experimenting with stem cells for treating liver diseases.

“If the trials on animals prove to be successful, we will move on to experimenting on humans,” Verma added.

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