IIT placements in the crore league

An IIT BHU student has obtained a Rs. 2.03 crore package from Oracle, the largest compensation ever offered by any company to any IITian during campus placements. This has come in a week that has already seen record placements: Google has bid Rs. 1.63 for another IITian, while Facebook has dolled out 8 placement offers @ Rs. 1.55 cr. each!

Aside from the jumbo-sized salaries, there have also been a record number of placements, with the IITs already registering 40-60% more offers than last year. Partly, this is because of the mass hires initiated by companies like VISA, which is apparently giving out Rs 22 lakh packages like candy to over a hundred IITians!

To cap of the drama, 4 IITians so far have resisted the lure of 1 cr placements, opting for higher studies or more entrepreneurial jobs instead!

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