IIT Kharagpur develops food in a tube for malnourished children

Containing all the necessary components of a toddler’s diet,, the food-in-a-tube will combat the acute malnutrition that affects 55% of the children in rural areas and 45% in urban. Moreover, it will be viable for children up till 6 years of age. According to the UN, 85% of these children can be treated by the diet therapy that this tube will provide.

Developed by the Agricultural and Food Engineering Department at IITKgp, 100kg/day of the paste is targeted to be produced in a pilot project scheduled to start in June. Targeted towards low-income groups, the product will have a pricing of around Rs 50-60 per kilo, with a shelf life of two years. Each kilo of the paste can provide 4 to 5 days of the requisite caloric intake, depending upon the age of the child.

In addition to children, the tube will be marketed towards individuals with AIDS, people whose immunity has been compromised and can therefore benefit from the uniquely clean source of caloric intake that this paste provides.

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