IIT Jodhpur rapidly leaking faculty

When an IIT starts to lose its faculty, it is indeed a cause for alarm. In the last three years, 23 faculty members have moved out of IIT Jodhpur to more established IITs in bigger cities. The institute is one of the eight new IITs set up by the UPA government. Though the sanctioned faculty strength is 90, the IIT has only 48.

Though none of the new IITs are doing any better when it comes to faculty vacancies, the high attrition rate in IIT Jodhpur has become a cause of concern for the institute’s Board of Governors (BoG). In the last 5-6 months alone, five faculty members have resigned.

Sources at the IIT point to initial assessments that show that the exodus has much to with aspirations of faculty members who find limitations in the location of the institute. Many of them feel it is better to opt for an institute in a more urban location as places like Jodhpur offer limited chances of job for their spouses and educational opportunities for children. Trends show that most them left for established IITs that offer better professional experience and opportunity.

The IIT board is now analyzing this trend to counter it and also attract new faculty. BoG Chairman Prof Goverdhan Mehta was first to discover the trend. He has already held a meeting with the faculty members in a bid to hear their woes and also counsel them.

“In the last board meeting , we were informed that five faculty members had quit IIT Rajasthan in the last 5-6 months. When a new IIT which has less than 50 faculty members, even five exiting is bad news. We are concerned and have started working on precautionary steps to arrest this downslide”, said Mehta.

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