IIT Bombay locked lips with Kochi’s ‘Kiss of Love’ movement

In a protest aimed at the moral policing by certain political activists, a mass-kissing event was organized at IIT Bombay on Sunday.

A large number of students and teachers gathered near the convocation hall to express solidarity with students from Kochi, who had organized the event to draw a line in the sand against overzealous moral policing.

While this solidarity was perfectly acceptable in relatively liberal Mumbai, it seems that the people participating in the cause in Kochi were subject to arrests and all manner of abuse from the moral activists they were protesting against.

Nevertheless, given the kind of media presence the movement acquired, it is very likely that it will be repeated not-to-far in the future, maybe in Kochi, or one of the many other areas with regressive factions in the country.

If that were to happen, do you think the IITs will be justified in putting their substantial political weight behind such protests?

Do you like it?

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