CAT 100 percentile
by IIT students

Eight IIT students are among the ten who are in the 100 percentile of about 2 lakh aspirants to the IIMs.

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  1. anand vedhenMarch 8, 2013 at 12:52 pmReply

    I think technocrats are wasting their time in running after a fragmented management course. Engineering includes complete course for a successful manager and dynamic developer. It includes planning, design, implementation, analysis, synthesis, simulation, execution, soci-economics, resource evaluation/ management, estimating, scheduling .. and what not?. Where is CPM and PERT in the formal management course? Actually, the engineers trying to do time study and specialized course of management in their field of service through training in the concerned departments/in-house are to be appreciated, Indeed not the duplicate and diverted degree without component of really true design.

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