For small town IITs
spouses of faculty going jobless

Top institutes like IITs and IIMs are suddenly facing a new generation of faculty members who sign on the dotted line only after their spouses find a decent job in the same city. And there are others who are quitting their jobs at these institutes because of the lack of opportunities for their spouses.

Take the case of IIT Jodhpur: in the past three years, 23 faculty members have relocated to bigger cities in search of better professional opportunities for both themselves and their spouses.

With so many of the new IITs being built in small towns and minor cities, this is an issue the UPA government needs to address. The spouses of IIT faculty, male or female, are more and more likely to have advanced qualifications of their own, and may be unable to find occupations that provide them the right mix of professional and intellectual development and financial security that they need.

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