Flipkart amongst global megafirms
as top recruiter at the IITs

The IIT placement scene has changed drastically in the past few years. Where once the biggest draws were MNCs or large Indian corporations, now startups such as Flipkart are getting an increasingly large share of the country’s best talent.

This year has only intensified the trend, with Flipkart amongst the four largest IIT recruiters, alongside global and national heavyweights such as Samsung, Oracle, and Reliance.

The E-commerce startup has been increasing its presence year-on-year, and will be hiring 118 people from the IITs this placement season. As the co-founder of the company, Sachin Bansal, said, “Campus hiring is strategic for us. It helps us identify and bring new talent.”

“They are a great fit for an organization like Flipkart that stresses on ownership and innovation,” Bansal added.

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