Center to use IIT pollution report to oppose ban of 10-year-old vehicles

A controversial IIT Delhi report on pollution in Delhi has concluded that vehicles over 10-years-old contribute only about 1% to PM2.5 pollution. On the basis of this report, the center will mount a strong case against the banning of such vehicles. The IIT report also recommends a general improvement in the quality of fuels as optimal, as it will reduce pollution from all sources – transport, diesel gensets, industry and construction equipment.

In response, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has critiqued the report for not being “well-reasoned” or “comprehensive”. According to the NGT, one of the huge gaps in the report was that it did not include the effect of nightly out-of-state commercial traffic. Another area of contention was that IIT Delhi’s conclusion that vehicles contribute less than 20% to pollution wildly differs from the Central Pollution Control Board’s 60% estimate.

The debate, and the controversy, continues.

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