<b>IITM, ICF to bring solar power</b></br> to Indian Railways

IITM, ICF to bring solar power
to Indian Railways

The Integral Coach Factory (ICF), in collaboration with IIT Madras, has begun a project that aims to draw a portion of the power required.. Read More

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<b>IITBBS studies Bhubaneswar city Buses</b>

IITBBS studies Bhubaneswar city Buses

In order to upgrade the bus service of Bhubaneswar, the state government has asked Indian Institute of Technology-Bhubaneswar to complete.. Read More

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<b>IITK earns $86,400</b></br> through IP

IITK earns $86,400
through IP

Amongst the many revenue streams for this particular IIT, one of the more lucrative ones is that of its Intellectual Property, which.. Read More

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<b>World First Smartphone</b></br> for the visually challenged

World First Smartphone
for the visually challenged

In collaboration with IIT Delhi, Sumit Dagar and his company have created the world’s first smartphone for that can be read via braille... Read More

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<b>IIT-Indore team at CERN</b>

IIT-Indore team at CERN

Unraveling the secrets of the universe: IIT-I team at CERN An IIT-I team comprising of Professor Raghunath Sahoo and research scholar.. Read More

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Empowering paraplegics <b>with ‘magic tablet’</b>

Empowering paraplegics with ‘magic tablet’

Capal, a tablet that functions as an environmental control system has been created by Dr Prabhat Ranjan (an IIT-K graduate) and his team to.. Read More

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<b>Vinod Khosla (IITD76)</b></br> continues to invest in clean technology

Vinod Khosla (IITD76)
continues to invest in clean technology

  Khosla, founder of Sun Microsystems is known as The most successful venture capitalist in the world. Recently his company hired.. Read More

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<b> Nano satellite</b><br/>3-crore project by IITM students

Nano satellite
3-crore project by IITM students

Student project IITMsat aims to put a 15-kg satellite in orbit at 600-800 km. The aim is to study solar storms, seismic activity and for.. Read More

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