<b>Alok Agrawal (IITK89 & NBA) is</b> the AAP Candidate from Khandwa (MP)

Alok Agrawal (IITK89 & NBA) is the AAP Candidate from Khandwa (MP)

 A 1989 Chemical Engineering graduate of IIT Kanpur, Alok Agarwal has devoted the last 25 years of his life towards the Narmada Bachao.. Read More

March 27, 2014
<b>Arvind Kejriwal (IITKgp89) is</b></br> Times of India’s Person of the Year

Arvind Kejriwal (IITKgp89) is
Times of India’s Person of the Year

In a country of 1.2 billion, choosing Person of The Year can be as tough as getting  to smile. But when you push Narendra Modi off the.. Read More

January 3, 2014
<b>Arvind Kejriwal: An exclusive</b> Interview by theIITian.com

Arvind Kejriwal: An exclusive Interview by theIITian.com

Excepts from a conversation with Arvind Kejriwal (IITKgp89) Editor: How were your IIT days? Kejriwal: I passed out of Kharagpur in 1989. I.. Read More

December 11, 2013
<a href=http://theiitian.com/indiatodays-young-and-restless-political-campaigners-of-iit-delhi/><b>IIT Delhi’s constituency now</b> led by an IITian: Somnath Bharti</a>

IIT Delhi’s constituency now led by an IITian: Somnath Bharti

Update (10/12/13): With Somnath Bharti’s victory in Malviya Nagar in the Delhi elections, the IIT Delhi’s constituency is now.. Read More

December 10, 2013
<b>theIITian of the Year</b></br>Giant Killer Arvind Kejriwal (IITKgp89)

theIITian of the Year
Giant Killer Arvind Kejriwal (IITKgp89)

Kejriwal defeats Sheila Dikshit by a massive 25 thousand plus votes. He is our IITian of the Year – in pictures. Read More

December 9, 2013
<a href=http://theiitian.com/raghurajan><b>Who is Raghu Rajan(IITD85)</b></br>IITian, Economist, Celebrity</a>

Who is Raghu Rajan(IITD85)
IITian, Economist, Celebrity

With a firm hand, in a major policy move to curb inflation, Raghu Rajan (IITD85), RBI Governor, raised lending (repo) rates today... Read More

October 29, 2013
<a href=http://theiitian.com/kejriwaliitkgp89/><b>Arvind Kejriwal (IITKgp89) in Focus</b></br>His Career After IIT</a>

Arvind Kejriwal (IITKgp89) in Focus
His Career After IIT

<span>A</span>s Delhi gears up for elections, the name of Arvind Kejriwal has become a household talking point. Whether one.. Read More

October 21, 2013
<b>Ashok Khemka</br> (IITKgp88) </b><br> may soon be charge-sheeted 10 times

Ashok Khemka

may soon be charge-sheeted 10 times

Update 3(22/10): “I have reliably heard that 10 chargesheets will be filed against me on frivolous grounds along with 10 private.. Read More

October 13, 2013
<b>IITians in Succession</b></br>New Wave of RBI governors

IITians in Succession
New Wave of RBI governors

On the face of it, an engineering education doesn’t seem to correlate to any innate expertise with economic decision making. And yet,.. Read More

August 23, 2013
<b>Raghuram Rajan (IITD85) is the next</b></br> Governor of the Reserve Bank of India

Raghuram Rajan (IITD85) is the next
Governor of the Reserve Bank of India

UPDATE: Apparently, Mr. Rajan is the heat in a red-hot Sensex. If socialites are talking about bankers over tea and cakes and ices, does.. Read More

August 16, 2013