Cancer-detecting mobile app
developed by IITKgp students

IIT Kharagpur students have developed a mobile application that can be used to provide fast and highly accurate diagnosis of skin cancer, and other diseases. The app, ‘ClipOCam-Derma’ has been developed by a team led by research scholar Debdoot Sheet in the School of Medical Science and Technology at the IIT.

The innovative app has already won the GE Edison Challenge 2013, which carries an incubation prize of Rs 10 lakhs. It is currently undergoing the process for regulatory approval, and is liable to be launched soon.

Due to the limited capital requirements – all that is required besides a smartphone is a cheap clip-on – the app has enormous utility for rural areas, and other places that suffer from a lack of proper medical facilities. Aside from India, the app’s makers see the African continent as a potentially huge beneficiary of the app’s cheap diagnostic capabilities.

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