Bihar’s ‘Super 30’ goes Global
with Japanese Scholarships

Bihar’s “Super 30” is known to get brilliant, underprivileged children into the IITs with a miniscule fraction of the price, and far higher success rates, than all other coaching centers can boast of. This year, the “Super 30” will be taking some of its aspirants all the way to Japan!

Tokyo University will grant a scholarship to at least one student of this famous coaching center. “We have heard a lot about Super 30,” said Jonathan Woodward, project associate and professor at the University’s department of Chemistry. “The Japanese media has also documented it. Now, we are here to see whether bright students from Super 30 can make it to Japan for advance studies. All that we need is talent. If students are poor, they can get full scholarship,” he said.

Recently, Japan’s National Broadcasting Corporation ran a program about the “Super 30” titled “Indian Shock,” highlighting the uncommonly high acceptance rates of the program’s graduates in some of the toughest examinations in India. In the past 10 years, 281 students from the coaching center have cracked the IIT-JEE.

The center, and its founder, has received praise from a lot of quarters. Time Magazine had selected the coaching center in its Best of Asia, 2010 list. It has been termed as the best institute in the country by the US President’s special envoy. Newsweek has included the center amongst the four most innovative schools in the world. And the founder, Anand Kumar, has received the highest honor from the Government of Bihar.

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