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Excepts from a conversation with Arvind Kejriwal (IITKgp89)

Editor: How were your IIT days?
Kejriwal: I passed out of Kharagpur in 1989. I remember everything apart from studies. I suppose that was the case with most people. I believe education is not about studies. It shapes the complete personality of a person. The IITs are unique because of their cosmopolitan atmosphere. They bring India together.

Ed: Very few people know you’re an IITian. Why do you not refer to your IIT lineage anywhere? Wouldn’t that help your career?
Kejriwal: I very rarely talk about myself. I talk about the country; I talk about the issues; I talk about the society’s problems. Secondly I don’t see politics as a career. Our politics is about changing the politics of this country.

Ed: Is corruption still the major issue that you’re up against?
Kejriwal: We did a survey on the Internet on what are the biggest issues that people were concerned about. The top ones were corruption, rising prices and women’s safety. I think inflation and women’s safety are also related to corruption though people don’t understand that. So ultimately corruption is the biggest issue in all its nuances

Ed: How would this technology help?
Kejriwal: In the Railways corruption has come down substantially after computerization. Wherever there is extortion-based corruption, where you have to pay a bribe to get a job done, technology can be a great solution. It makes extortion more difficult.

Ed: Are IITians joining your movement?
Kejriwal: Barring a few most IITian entrepreneurs are proud of their self-made skills and success. Perhaps that’s why many believe in our politics and some are even joining us full-time. There are many alumni who’ve helped us in cash or in kind or with their time. In fact our website has been developed pro bono by an alumnus.

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  1. Nimish VasaMay 2, 2014 at 1:11 pmReply

    This election was fought on shameless display of huge corporate funding given to Modi , no doubt they will extract every penny out of country after he is pushed on the country as PM purely in collusion of paid media , huge propoganda funded by obscene amount of black money and shameless low level of cheap tricks and language mastered by Modi . How can one say that this country is concerned about corruption ? Are people blind ? They have allowed themselves to be sold to sheer money power and stupidly talk about corruption !!! one should surely wake up and accept vein country that we are .

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