Arvind Kejriwal (IITKgp89) is
Times of India’s Person of the Year

In a country of 1.2 billion, choosing Person of The Year can be as tough as getting  to smile. But when you push Narendra Modi off the front pages and primetime television, when you force Rahul Gandhi into hyperactive mode on the corruption issue, and when you shut up rivals who called you “monsoon pests” and “unelectable” by becoming chief minister after starting a party only a year ago, it’s actually a no-contest.

So, for taking a one-year old party to power in the capital of a country like India, Arvind Kejriwal is The Times of India’s Person of the Year.

Kejriwal in Pictures

  • Kejriwal takes down a giant.

Credit for the story goes to The Times of India.


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